Spirit Communications Champions Innovation, Access in Telecommunications
Sponsored by: Spirit Communications

As a leading provider of voice, data, Internet and fiber-optic services to Enterprise, Government and Carrier customers, Spirit Communications operates as a unique business model born and raised in SC formed by the 11 independent telephone companies throughout the state. As the only private telecommunications provider focused on the Carolina’s and Georgia Spirit further differentiates themselves with a culture of continuous innovation, high-touch service and a deep local heritage while maintaining a global reach.

This progressive communications company maintains an unrelenting commitment to the Carolinas to be at the forefront of technological leadership investing in their communities steering the way to elevate infrastructure within SC, NC and GA. Spirit’s positive impact radiates throughout the Carolinas growing and investing in the workforce, infrastructure and local community. In response to changing technological requirements and an understanding that technology only exists to serve people, Spirit is devoted to fostering an innovative framework, keeping you connected. Whether on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can connect to #SPIRIT4U for FREE public Wi-Fi in areas like Main Street in Downtown Columbia, Spartanburg’s Denny’s Plaza and Morgan Square Parks, the City of North Augusta, the Columbia Riverbanks Zoo, BullStreet and Spirit Communications Park.

In partnership with a member company, Spirit’s GigUp initiative is bringing Gigabit Internet speeds to businesses throughout the region enabling faster download speeds with a faster online experience for multiple users and devices on the same network improving business communications and efficiency. Over their secure, fiber-optic network you can transfer data to and from the Internet up to 100x faster than your basic Internet speed.

As the owner and operator of their Spirit Fiber Network with over 9,000 miles of fiber (and growing), Spirit is able to ensure the progression of network expansion, scalability and network capacity to always deliver the connection your business will be needing tomorrow, to you today. In conjunction with their owners, Spirit believes the future of business, educational, social, economic, healthcare and industrial development depends on the availability of a strong telecommunications infrastructure. To achieve this, they combine their efforts to ensure delivery of the latest, most innovative technology for voice, data, Internet and fiber-optic solutions, providing next generation services to fulfill their pledge of lasting technological stimulation throughout the region.