Innovating Modern Real Estate
Sponsored by: Boomtown

Trusted by thousands of real estate professionals to manage and grow their business, BoomTown has been leading the way in real estate technology for more than a decade.

The mission of the Charleston-based company, which was established in 2006 and has spread across the United States and to Canada, says it all: “To simplify the business of real estate.”

To set themselves apart from the competition, BoomTown invested early in the agent-to-home-buyer relationship, knowing that if they helped automate certain tasks, real estate agents could focus on getting clients to the closing table.

“There’s a critical point where real estate businesses want to reach the next level. Getting there is made feasible with technology,” said Marketing Communications Manager Steven Trice.

Now one of the fastest-growing companies in the country, the seed for BoomTown was planted when Grier Allen was finishing his Computer Science degree at Clemson. Interning at his father’s Prudential Real Estate location, he made himself more valuable by writing code to automate office tasks. Not long after, he and Cooper Bane launched BoomTown.

The company connects real estate agents with buyers and sellers on four levels: a customized website that includes local Multiple Listing Service data; top-notch customer service; lead generation; and tools to help agents enhance marketing and other essential tasks.

In short, BoomTown provides real estate agents with the tools they need to nurture relationships with their clients while focusing on buying and selling homes.

BoomTown has done more than provide essential services to the real estate industry. The company also plays an integral role in the Charleston community through charities and educational programs.

“We have been one of the top employers of tech professionals in the Charleston area,” said Community Relations Manager Nina Magnesson. “We are proud to be at the helm of local business innovation.”