Innovative fiber network brings gigabit internet to the Lowcountry
Sponsored by: Home Telecom

Today only 3 percent of residents and businesses in the nation have access to gigabit Internet speeds. Thanks to Home Telecom, an independent telecommunications company based in Moncks Corner, and its innovative Velocity fiber network, Home Telecom Velocity fiber customers are a part of that elite group.

More than 15,000 residential homes and 9,000 businesses have access to Home Telecom’s Velocity fiber and gigabit Internet speed. This translates into the ability to download 100 songs in 3 seconds or upload 1,000 photos in 10 seconds. computersCustomers can enjoy buffer-free streaming video or download an HD movie in 7 seconds. They can transfer large files instantly and send a backup to the cloud in 40 seconds.

“If you choose to live in a suburban or rural community, we believe you should have access to the same communication services available in a large city,” said William S. Helmly, president and COO of Home Telecom.

The company has expanded its Velocity Gigabit service to residents and businesses throughout the Charleston area. Gigabit Internet was first offered in Nexton, and is now available in Daniel Island and more than 40 other neighborhoods including Brickhope, Carnes, Cane Bay Plantation, Fairlawn, Foxbank, Oak Terrace Preserve, Summers Corner and Sophia Landing, to name a few.
In 2004, Home Telecom was one of the first companies in the southeastern United States to deploy a fiber-to-the-home network. In 2013, it was the first telecommunications company to offer gigabit speeds in South Carolina.

“Our Velocity communities benefit from future-proof fiber infrastructure,” Helmly said. “Access to gigabit Internet speed makes the Lowcountry a perfect place to open a business, as well as improving the quality of life for Lowcountry residents by allowing them to have a virtual business or to work at home in one of the most beautiful areas in the nation.”