Who do you call when you suspect fraud?
Sponsored by: Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Businesses lose an estimated five percent of revenue to fraud each year , resulting in a multi-billion dollar a year problem nationwide.

No business is immune to fraud losses. While the commission of fraud schemes do not always involve the use of computers or cell phones, oftentimes the perpetrators unknowingly leave an evidence trail using computers, e-mail, or cell phones. In some cases, the proverbial smoking gun is found in digital evidence, which might be missed if investigators ignored the digital devices.

In one recent fraud investigated by DHG, a company found their inventory was severely overstated. The suspected perpetrator had been ordering goods from the company’s supplier and selling them online for personal gain. He was able to undercut other online merchants and do a brisk business since the goods were free to him.

Because part of his job was ordering and selling goods online on behalf of his employer, his day-to-day online activities and shipping and receiving goods while at work did not look suspicious. computers
Separating the transactions that were part of the fraud scheme from the legitimate transactions was going to be difficult.

DHG’s Fraud & Corporate Investigations team analyzed the company’s records while our Digital & Computer Forensics team inspected his company-issued computer. Together, we were able to determine exactly how the fraud had been perpetrated, separate legitimate transactions from fraudulent ones, stop the ongoing sale of stolen goods and rule out the involvement of other employees in the fraud scheme. Using our report, the company recovered its losses due to fraud through its employee fidelity policy.

Together, DHG’s Fraud & Corporate Investigations and Digital & Computer Forensics teams have decades of experience to perform a unified, effective and efficient investigation to help companies recover quickly from fraud, identify the perpetrators and assist with mitigating future fraud risks.